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Dream of retiring abroad? The reality is Medicare doesn't travel well

<p>As the number of American retirees living overseas grows, more of them are confronting choices about medical care. If they were living in the United States, Medicare would generally be their coverage option. But Medicare doesn’t pay for care outside the country, except in limited circumstances.</p>

Just a blip or end of an era? What subscriber drop means for Netflix

Wall Street has no chill for Netflix after a big subscriber miss prompted an 11% drop in its stock on Thursday.

7,000 office dogs? Facts about Amazon you might not know

<p>Amazon couldn't have become the global phenomenon it is today without a few quirks along the way, from holding meetings in rival bookstores to allowing dogs at work and even paying employees to quit.</p>

Retail in peace: A look at 20 dead (or dying) malls

Take a look at the graveyard of dead malls past and future.

More than 50 companies quit production in China

But rather than move their operations to the United States, as President Trump urged, many of these companies are aiming to rebuild their supply chains abroad, primarily in Southeast Asia.

Microsoft earnings jump nearly 50% with more growth expected

Microsoft Corp. blew away earnings expectations Thursday thanks to continuing strong growth from its Azure cloud offering and LinkedIn, sending its trillion-dollar valuation even higher in late trading.

Amazon offers sellers a leg up – with a catch

Amazon is offering independent merchants on its platform marketing support, product reviews and prominent display. The catch? Amazon gains the right to purchase a merchant’s brand at any time for a fixed price, often $10,000.

Boeing to take $4.9 billion hit on 737 Max grounding

Boeing will take a nearly $5 billion charge in the second quarter to compensate 737 Max customers as the planes remain grounded.

Stocks close higher on hopes Fed will step up rate strategy

<p>Stocks ended higher Thursday after comments from a top Federal Reserve led to increasing bets that the central bank will take a more aggressive stance later this month to ease monetary policy.</p>