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Dying friend wants to marry me to pass pension money, should I do it?

This woman’s friend has Stage IV lung disease and made her a generous offer that she may refuse.

Plastic industry faces backlash that threatens chemical makers

The chemical industry is heading for a slowdown as society turns against disposable plastics and the rise of recycling weakens demand, IHS Markit predicted at its annual World Petrochemical Conference.

'I made $3.75 an hour': Lyft and Uber drivers push to unionize for better pay

Drivers for the rideshare companies are seeing much of their pay go to expenses while Lyft and Uber prepare for their IPOs

36 things that will soon be obsolete

Adapt, my friends: The writing is on the wall for dozens of things many of us have grown up with.

Unbelievably expensive abandoned mansions

Empty and unloved, some of the world's priciest properties have been forsaken by their owners, including royal residences, grand country houses and luxurious ranches. 

Stock market likely to take Mueller findings in stride

While analysts last week predicted major stock volatility if the report had incriminated Trump in a direct manner, Sunday’s summary appears less likely to roil the markets.

The old daytime-drinking, sexual-harassing ways are thriving at Lloyd's

The 330-year-old London insurance market is the most archaic corner left in global finance.

These tools will help you get your student loans forgiven

Accurate, clear information about the public service loan forgiveness program can be hard to find. Here are some reliable resources.

How the rich, the poor and the rest of us make and spend our money

<p>Rich people, they’re just like us. Sort of. While there certainly are some similarities as to how cash flows in and out of the households across the income spectrum, one stark, and rather obvious, difference is that the bottom 20% spend every penny they make — and then some — just to pay the bills, while the top 20%, on average, manage to afford their pricier lifestyle and still have a nice chunk of change left over to splurge and save.</p>

Nobel winner: Trump's tax cuts to boost US economy for two more years

The United States has been a bright spot among advanced economies, partly thanks to President Donald Trump's $1.5 trillion tax reform. But the boost can't last forever.