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Dow futures point to a decline of more than 150 points at the open

Futures indicated that Wall Street stocks are set for a rocky start to their trading week on Tuesday, following declines in the Asian markets and gloomy comments from the ongoing World Economic Forum in Davos.

These indicators show no recession is coming

Watch the Federal Reserve’s Senior Loan Officers’ Survey as well as the yield curve and jobless claims.

How a furloughed worker is making $2,000/month even during the shutdown

More than 800,000 federal workers have already missed their first paychecks of the year while on furlough.

18 things you should do if you want to retire early

Retiring early is a goal for many Americans but to get there, one must start planning ahead and squirreling away money years in advance. 

A hedge fund billionaire bought a home in London — for $122 million

There are still buyers out there for top-end homes in London.

Trump Proposals Could Increase Health Costs for Consumers

President Trump says he wants to reduce drug prices, but some patients could face higher out-of-pocket costs for medicines and other goods and services.

Meet the Sacklers, who built their $14 billion fortune off of OxyContin

The secretive family's $14 billion fortune comes mainly from sales of the prescription painkiller.

Amazon will soon lose the biggest reason to pay for Prime

Amazon's two-day shipping promise was once unique. But upstart companies are cropping up to help companies like Walmart and Ebay match that promise.

Company chairman, wife forced to sell as stock plunged 89%

The chairman of a Hong Kong-listed property developer and his wife cut their stake just as the stock plunged 89 percent.