Who to return the security deposit to.

I have a rental in CA where there were two people on the lease - boyfriend/girlfriend. After living there for over a year, they got in a fight and the girlfriend left with no notice. The girlfriend had paid the security deposit. The girlfriend was demanding the security deposit back, but the boyfriend stayed on as a tenant (he was the one who always paid the rent). Now a little more than a year later, the boyfriend is moving out. He wants the full security deposit back. Who is entitled to get the security deposit back in this situation. Does it get split between them. Is the last tenant entitled to all of whatever is to be refunded? Both of their names were on the original lease agreement.

Reporting Tenant Debt to Credit Bureaus.

Has anyone used the bad credit reporting service?
What is the process?
Does the landlord need to provide copy of lease, tenant's SS#, notices to tenant, etc?

Tenant Moved to Hospice

I'm reaching out for Pennslyvania laws about removing belongings from an apartment if the tenant has been taken to hospice? She is no longer coherent. Her apartment is full of her belongings, I reached out to her sister about her items and she does not want any of them and she will not have anyone hired to remove them. I do not have any other contacts for her. She also has a cat, any information on when we are allowed to remove the cat? As of right now the neighbor is taking care of the cat.

board of health

Issue resides in Massachusetts: Tenant called board of health and they visited on 11/15 (tenant never contacted us on any issues except for one that we fixed) told to correct or eliminate violations in accordance with Article II of the State Sanitary Code and/or MGL Chapter 111, Section 122 to 125, Abatement of Nuisances.
.351 complaint that inconsistent heat, questioning if heat is working correctly. heat tested by BOH 70.1 degrees in bdrm, living rm 65.8 degrees, kitchen 67 degrees. We are told that we are to ensure that the heating facilities are working properly (we did that on 11/5 and it was working fine, tenant never called to complain about heat again after our 11/5 visit. BOH found an exposed kitchen outlet. Tenant took it apart and removed cover and never contact us (landlord). Told to repair/replace outlet so that it is functioning properly and has a cover and to obtain a necessary electrical permit. Smoke Detectors/CO Detectors: was told to check with fire department on number and placement of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Basement: Tenant was concerned about the amount of water in basement. BOH stated it smelled damp and musty (it is a 100+ year old house and dirt cellar). BOH stated large amount of water in basement near front of cellar facing road tenant told BOH he smells it in his apt. BOH stated at time of inspection no musty smell (Tenant was told about the water issue in cellar PRIOR to moving in). Dehumidifier was running. Order was that owner shall maintain the foundation, floors, of dwelling so that the dwelling excludes wind, rain and snow and is free fro chronic dampness, weathertight, in good repair and in every way fit for the use intended. Owner is to identify the source of the water and eliminate it so that the basement is free from chronic dampness and weather tight. (Landlord has question: can't we just lock it up so no one has access to the cellar? no one uses it now we have washer and dryer hookups but no one uses them?) Handrail in cellar no guardrail - again can't we lock it up so no tenant access? Peeling paint on wall going down stairs to basement (can we lock the cellar up so no one has access?) Full dryer hose laying on ground - told to ensure if dryer is used hose is used. (This is a broken hose that the was never disposed and no one uses hookups so can we lock up the basement). So my question is: Can he not pay rent due to these violations until we fix them? Can we not renew his lease when it comes up in April? I want to tell him 60 days in advance that his lease will not be renewed. Is retaliation going to be an issue? His girlfriend moved out and he wanted her name taken off lease I told him it is a one year agreement and I would take it off upon renewal of lease (which is not going to happen now), we think his 8 yr old son who is not on the lease is living there at least half time (not really sure there is evidence of it) can we start to evict him now for violation of lease or is that retaliation. Just needing advice on how to handle and if he will not have to pay rent due to the violations that he complained about but never called us to address first.

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Rental w/o checks

would it be unusual for a landlord to approve tenancy w/o any of the usual verifications? I.E. credit, income, rental history

Pickup truck I use in prop mgmt work

Anyone itemizing a work vehicle's expenses for tax each year: monthly payments, gas, maintenance, etc.?

Tenant is planning to Break Lease

A married couple has been renting a house I own for a little over a year now - they renewed their annual lease in August.

The first week of October they paid rent and then out-of-the-blue texted me to tell me they'd just made an offer on a house and if everything went as planned, they would be moving out of the rental in mid Nov., wanted to do a walk-thru then & turn in the keys in order to get their security deposit back.

I sent a letter to them a few days later and thanked them for letting me know about their plans, congratulated them on possibly becoming homeowners and also reminded them of the lease agreement they just recently signed and are expected to comply with it, regardless of whether they physically live there or not. I also explained to that them breaking the lease, especially during the winter and the holidays, puts an added hardship on me as few people move during that time - it's a busy & expensive time of year for everyone in general, prospective tenants as well as myself. I told them I depend on the rent to pay the mortgage on that house, which they agreed to pay for a year when they signed the lease.

The rest of October went by & I didn't hear anything else from them, then they paid November rent. Good.

Two days ago they emailed me to say that the paperwork, etc. on their home purchase is done and they are "willing" to pay December rent "out of consideration" for me and my concerns and that it will also give them some extra time to move during the first half of December, but that they will be out Dec. 15th, want to do a walk-thru that day & turn in the keys.

They also said the lease states "Tenants will contact the owner 30 days in advance should any issue arise causing tenant to have to move out" and that they have given me more than sufficient notice. The lease does state that, but that rule was not intended to be a way for tenants to get out of the lease anytime they want, and it wasn't meant to as a way to terminate a lease. I included that rule for two reasons: 1) to help me know who is actually living there, as I've had tenant partners live there before then split up and one tenant move out though they're both still on the lease. And 2) because certain tenants, like military & domestic violence victims, are legally allowed to terminate a lease but should still inform LL 30 days in advance if possible, or as soon as they can. But my current tenants have apparently interpreted that rule as a way "out" of the lease and think they're doing nothing wrong.

So right now, I'm trying to figure out how to handle this and what to do next. Was it a mistake on my part to include that clause in the lease, and does it sound like it gives my tenants a justified "out"? If they move out in Dec. It is possible I may be able to have tenants in by Feb. 1st, though I'm not sure about that, but I definitely will not be able to have anyone in by Jan. 1st, maybe even the whole month, so I will definitely lose some (if not all) rent for January.

I welcome any input, advice or suggestions. Thanks in advance!

Need some advises if I decide to break my lease

Hi, I'm not a landlord, I'm tenant. I've been renting almost 3 years and never missed a single payment. I just renewed my lease (Nov 2019).

After renew the lease my wife told me that we'll have a new family member (baby) so I think is a good moment to become a home owner (buy a house).

What would be the best way to finish in good terms if I found a good house before the lease finishes?

I'm willing to pay a fine + loss the security deposit but I would like some advises. My landlord is always been friendly and fair.

Apologies for my english, not a native speaker.

Tenant has filed bankruptcy

I received notice by mail that my tenant has filed bankruptcy, an dlisted me as a creditor. What does this mean regarding rent payments?
Her rent is current as of today, but she owes minimal late fees.
Also her yearly lease expires soon. I would like to move to a month to month lease instead.