Just bought the building

I just bought the building, where I live. Im planning no changes but is there any type of notification I have to give like a certain form. I was looking on the forms library and I couldnt see one. All I want is some formal notification to the tenant that says I am now the owner no changes for now and I get the rent payment

Letter for past tenants to sign...

I was wondering if their was a form/letter that I can send to past tenants, for them to sign, that states they will pay a certain amount, by a certain date, that they owe for damages after applying their SD?

Tenant Divorcing and both want other to leave

Tenants are separating/divorcing and one of them is asking to stay and provided financial proof to pay the rent and verbally said that the other does not make enough to take care of rent alone. Both are on the lease and the other one is not willing to leave and believes can take care of rent alone.
What are my options? How can I handle this ? My thought is they need to resolve between them who is staying and who is leaving the home, but if that does not happen between them then what will be a good solution for my property without getting into their personal matter.

Sending documents to tenants via email...

Can I send the security deposit deduction letter by email? Or should I mail each person a certified letter? My rental is in West Virginia.

worst year ever for qualified tenants? What's Up??

Posted on line for Rent an immaculate updated house I have been renting out since 2004 to a variety of qualified tenants. Use LPA Rental Application/Questioner with some of our own questions, with the LPA Verification forms for Employment, Past Landlords, Background etc. checks. Loads of calls and most want to rent it. As soon as they find out about the deep screening they refuse and beg us to trust them so they can prove how wonderful they are! I post that there must be a detailed T Screening in my ad for rent. The respondents do not want any credit or any other checks! Some lie during our phone interview which weeds out non-qualified persons in order to get a showing, then they try to bamboozle me into "give us a chance"..... stories.

Is this the year of bad credit people or has my area gone down into the sewer over the last few years? I am a small Mom/Pop LL. Notice the dead beats and non-qualified search for Mom/Pop LL's in hopes of getting a place to live as the big PM's do not pass them. I think I may be in the minority of small Mom/Pop LL's as I do a heavy duty background, credit, everything check before renting to anybody. I do consider a small pet with a slight rent increase.

Anyone out there got any feed back on this? First time this has happened to me. In a month, have not had a single caller or viewer of the loads of peeps calling that even qualified for a showing. The ones I show to want it and refuse the detailed T Screening. Is my area going to the dogs? It is a very stable old suburb with loads of superior amenities. Very few renters.

Tenant left changed locks and locked landlord out

So we were renting a lot and selling a mobile home on a lease purchase agreement. Tenant did not pay rent, was served with 7 day Non payment notice, vacated the property but had changed the locks and not given me a key. They will not respond in any way. Other than just breaking in the mobile home, any ideas? I'll be taking them to small claims court anyway.

HELP!! Tenants divorcing leaving me with a BIG iss

Tenants are divorcing husband moved out he's been communicating with me she is not really communicating much.

There are a bunch of repairs to do more than their deposit all the flooring needs replaced the dog flattened all of lawn almost all of the grass and compacted all of the soil in the backyard. Just issues in every room. Anyway here's the issue...

He's been saying he would repair things although I think he'll fall out some because of the sheer amount that needs to be done, she's trying to pretend it doesn't exist putting most of it all on him. He's upset saying he's doing all this stuff and she's doing nothing. Am I able to separate things like if the total damage was 10,000 is she responsible for 5 when it's like this or can I not differentiate between the two since they were a married couple living in the home. I just don't know what to do I feel kind of bad for him but at the same time it's their issue and I truly don't know all of the truth and certainly don't know what went on between them.

I would think that I'm not supposed to get involved in the he-said-she-said and the stuff in between, bottom line is it needs to get done and turned over and I would think I shouldn't be involved trying to mediate between the two of them more than I've done all ready to just be nice. I'm assuming if he's wanting to do the stuff an cover the cost of things so he doesnt have to go to court (as they had with a previos landlord and lost) he would then have to file a suit against her for her half of the responsibilities I don't think I can do assuming they have to work that out

I'm just having a really hard time lately two places in a row, and I'm caring for my other half who had a stroke I just feel like I'm going nuts lately LOL. I try to be fair and nice but sometimes I think I'm too nice.

free criminal background sites

Can somebody recommend free criminal record websites?


How can I determine if a "Service Animal" is really a true Service Animal? Is there some ligit form they must have? A lady came to view my rental today and claimed the huge dog she brought along was a ligit service animal. He was 11 years old, wild and pulling her in all directions by his leash. They finally put him in their car. They were not able to control him a all. This is the first time someone made such a claim to get their huge dog into this 3 BR house. Lady claimed she had a seizure disorder.

Tenant staying past lease termination and notice

I have a tenant that wont leave or pay rent. Lease ended on the 15th of March. We have gone through the proper steps of filing with the courts and the proper notice but Im wondering about additional payment after the agreement is no longer in affect. I had read on another forum that you could charge by the day since the previous rent amount is no longer in affect. I was wondering if others could tell me if this is right and I can in fact charge her by the days past the agreement