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Hi, I've been a member for many years and now notice that not many people are posting questions on the Forum. The Q&A Forum is a super learning tool for all of us as we share the same issues and have the same problems to solve if we are LL's.

Frankly, I love logging in to read the Q&A Forum questions and answers on a daily basis. I very much miss everybody's postings and love the great answers I received from all my fellow colleagues! All of you LL's are so helpful and so kind to share and help. Just want you all to know I just love you all for being so generous with your time and your wonderful answers and your willingness to be of such great help.

We are living now in a climate that is going more and more toward "protecting tenants from so called 'unscrupulous' landlords" and it is getting more and more litigious out there as too many entitled T's are just loving to sue for anything and everything. Laws are being passed that make no sense in favor of T's. If this continues, not many people will want to get into the rental biz.

The equal and opposite reaction will be less and less rental housing for people. LL's provide a wonderful service to people who are not yet in a position to purchase their own home or have no interest in owning and managing their own home for whatever reason. One reason is the working public has to go where the jobs are, hence do not want to be tied down with a house to sell, often at a loss, when they change jobs. They may need to move to another state or even a different country for their job.

Thank you to all of you wonderful LL's out there and to LPA for being of such great help and support to us. Hugs to all of you guys and gals!

All the Best to each and every one of you!


Delete a prior question?

Can I delete a previous post?

Credit report delay

When pulling credit reports on this site it normally takes two minutes waiting until it is ready.

Has anyone ever had a 10+ minute delay?

I'm still waiting on my report.

Greg in Phoenix

Using the deposit for the rent. NJ

From every indication, my tenant very likely would use all his security for his final his payment before he moves out.

For this kind of behavior, it sounds like we cannot do anything about. We knew they would do that, but cannot do anything about it.

Is that true?

Thanks for your advice!

tenant is jail Wisconsin

I found out today one of my single young, early twenty's tenant, is in jail. I didn't get the May rent and when I didn't get a response to my texts or phone calls I became concerned. I'm at a loss to know where to go with this.
I found a "rap sheet" about this tenant on the internet and the charges look pretty serious so I don't want to rent to this person any more.
I did leave a text message earlier that I was going to be coming over to check out the apartment tomorrow. (24 hour notice)
At that time I plan on leaving a 5 day pay or quit notice.
I have the parent's phone number but they have not yet returned my calls.
I would appreciate any help for this matter. Thanks.

Consistently Late Rent

Tenants moved into 3-bedroom apartment Sept 2018.
1. Rent was late in December because mother's car needed repaired (PAY OR QUIT NOTICE POSTED IMMEDIATELY; $35 late fee paid)
2. Rent was late in May because mother lost job ($35 late fee paid; advised me that it would be another week for the remaining $150; $35 late fee paid again)
3. Texted tenant to remind them that rent is due 6/1; tenant's response "well it's gonna be late then" and I informed her of another $35 late fee. Then she proceeds to complain about poison on the property that hasn't been dealt with it. Felt like she was giving me shit since I was giving her shit.

My Questions:
1. Do I continue to accept this behavior from this tenant because they have always paid the late fees?

2. Lease expires August 30, 2019. Should I send them a certified letter stating that I have decided NOT to renew their lease? (I've never had to do this before...)

Thanks in advance. -Jason

Poop stains everywhere

I am renting out a new condo and the tenants asked me to come and look at their bathtub. I go in the condo and there is literal poop and diarrhea everywhere. I asked them why and they told me that they struggle with controlling their bowels. I do not know what to do. They are otherwise nice people, just seem to struggle with keeping the area clean.

They are an older couple too so I feel bad. Their lease just started.

Please help I think they are going to ruin my condo by leaking their diarrhea everywhere.

Old tenant, new owner

I recently bought a 3 family tenant property in Mass. One of the tenants has been living in this house for 8 years. last months rent 8 years ago was $775 although her current rent is $925. Should we have her make up the difference now? Another thing, she paid $200 as a security deposit 8 years ago. Is there anything I can do to protect myself at this point?

Sec.8 tenant in NC. M/T/M LL Looking to sell home

We are looking to sell our home currently a Section 8. living M/T/M how much of a notice is needed? Any special documentation needed to have Tenant to be cooperative during the selling of home. Thank you for any input will be helpful.

Insurance deductible question

Last July, my neighbor's tenant's car caught on fire in their driveway. The heat from that fire melted the vinyl siding of my rental property (the houses are very close together).

I received a settlement from my insurance company, who told me they would pursue the neighbor's insurance provider to reclaim the funds that were paid to me and my $2500 deductible, and that "it would take awhile".

Now, 10 months later, they are saying that they can't (or won't) attempt to contact the neighbor's insurer because there's nothing in the fire department's report to prove the fire was caused by "negligence".

Does anyone know anything about this type of insurance claim? Maybe they can't determine how the fire started but isn't the owner of the vehicle (or property) responsible?

Is there anything I can do besides eat the $2500?

Thanks (this is NJ, BTW)