Forcing innocent tenants to share repair costs

I live in a building of 7 units. One of the tenants is clogging the plumbing with baby wipes and tampons. Our landlord is unable to determine who it is. They all deny it. I don't use baby wipes or tampons (I'm a man with no kids). However, since the landlord is unable to know who is the responsible, she is making all the tenants in the building share the cost of the repair. I feel this is very unfair for those of us who are not causing the damage. What is the right thing to do in this situation? Am I supposed to go around to all the tenants and play detective? I am spending my hard-earned money on something I am not responsible for. Is this even legal? The other issue for me, is that I live in an area that is not rent-controlled. So if I refuse to pay for the repair, the landlord can just raise my rent, or take the money out of my security deposit. What do people do in a situation?

Which form to use- Appointment Request Form

Which form should I use / have the potential tenant fill out before making an appointment with the tenant prior to visiting the unit?

heating system out for several weeks

The lease has no mention of such. The plumbing people cannot turn on the water to the 2 units in this duplex, since the radiators burst in the recent cold spell. The upstairs unit is rented out, but they cannot live there without water.
What is the usual and customary way to handle this. We landlords are obligated to find housing for them? or pay for a month (or more) stay in a hotel? or task them with finding their own temp housing until the problem is resovlved?

Thank you, Joel

Property tax is’nt part of rental expenses, right?

I rent a few rooms in my house. When filing 1040 SE , I did not see where I can treat portion of property tax as rental expense. I donknow I can get max of $10k as personal property tax deduction though. But I am surprised that property tax related to rented rooms is not considered as expenses as mortgage. Is this true? THank you in advance for you confirmation.


Renting to Roommates => When does a lease end

I had a discussion on a different forum. When you have a lease with roommates, when can a roommate get out?

Assume an annual lease that has already turned to a MTM lease. It's over a year old. One roommate wants to leave. Maybe a divorce, maybe a breakup, maybe one want to have a different place. It doesn't really matter.

The roommate that is leaving gives a notice as required by the lease, on a MTM lease. The remaining one does not want to move. Assume that the remaining roommate can afford the rent.

Is the lease terminated by the one roommate? Or does it take all roommates to terminate it?

If it takes all roommates, how long is that one roommate that left responsible for the rent? Can the existing roommate can sue for any rent owed? For how long?

And what does "joint and severally" mean in regards to giving notice and paying rent?

Security Deposit Already Used Up-Now What?

I have charged the tenants all of the security deposit plus more for damages to a grinder pump and sump pump in basement. The security deposit was $700 plus the other charges for a total of $1,150. They paid it already.

They will be moving out in a few months and there is no incentive to clean the place before they leave.

Can I charge them another security deposit?

ESA Emotional Support Animals

Can I require the tenant to provide a letter every month to validate their ESA qualifications? ( this would also reduce the use to real cases instead of the bogus ones that are not seeing an actual therapist ).

Also I did get an ESA factory letter from a licensed therapist but they are unwilling to confirm the letters that they produce. can someone put a protocol together that instructs landlords on how to confirm these ESA letters?

I consider the need to be clinical which would therefore require an ongoing assessment of the conditions.

And for instance they get a therapist ( an ESA letter factory ) to write that they see a need for a 6 month or more then that should be compared to other treatment and assessment standards for review.

Abandoned rental

I have a tenant who abandoned the property in Iowa , she mail a letter saying she is leaving because the property has mice problem. She reported mice problem the end of October I sent a PROFESSIONAL COMPANY I paid $200 for treatment and they made a 2 week followup saying they don't find any pest activity or evidence. She never mentioned me again about a mice problem after pest control.
She wrote letter this letter on January25th, shutoff electricity January29th. She said want her deposit back.What steps I need to follow for abandonment? Do I need to give her deposit back? Thank you

Bed bugs

One of my tenants had bedbugs. Now they are spreading to another apartment. Can I hold the first tenant responsible for the exterminator fee for the second apartment?

Also can I evict the first tenant for the spreading of bedbugs?

Cure or quit

I sent my tenant a 5 cure or quit. I am not sure of my next step if he doesnt comply with the notice. After the five days can I go to the magistrate and start the eviction process? Thank you