Tenant wanted to pay to the courthouse

Long story short. The tenant refused to pay the rent to me because of all these nonsense issues. She said she is going to pay to the courthouse.

The issue like she is accusing of the other unit of tenants living in too many people, people harass her etc..

My question is, paying to the courthouse? Is there such process? how could that work out?

terminate a lease

I am a Missouri landlord. My tenant is not paying rent on their second month of a 2 year lease while used offensive wards to me. I would like to terminate their lease and hoping them to move out from my house sooner then later. How should I do that?

charged for smoke detectors not installed

I had a property management company last year managing my duplex. I asked them if they would please install smoke detectors. If they were any good, they should know legally you have to install them. I was in both sides of the duplex the other day & was shocked to find out they never were installed. I located the statement taking the charge of smoke detectors & installation from my rents. I have written to this company requesting my money back. I included both tenant's phone numbers, and even suggested they call them & go there to see there are no smoke detectors. The tenants didn't remove them, I know them & they wouldn't do that. The manager now is not getting back to me. All I'm requesting is my money refunded, and I don't think that's much to ask. I'm not going to just let this go because of the principal of being lied to & ripped off. Luckily there wasn't a fire, because imagine then what could happen after it was found out there were no smoke detectors & how I could show my statement saying they were installed. In the future, all management companies need to take pictures & videos to prove they've really done work. I highly doubt I'm the only one who has been ripped off by a no good management company or shady handyman. Do you think I should now just file a claim in small claims court? My tenants will be witnesses. The new property manager who will be starting September 1st was also inside each unit & saw there are no smoke detectors. He told me they by law need to be installed.

loss of income insurance

I have an insurance claim to Farmers to repair water damage. They already paid loss of income for July. My contractor is rebuilding the kitchen where it was before the water damage and I expect the property to be habitable again by end of August. To find a new tenant though might take until end of September.

I was wondering if the insurance would pay loss of rent until I find a new tenant or until property is repaired? They've been paying so far however my broker evades sending me the rules and regulations of what is covered in my policy so I have to rely on my adjuster's opinion.

Utility room vs. Garage

I rented out an unit along with the garage to a tenant. The garage has two entries to get in. Inside the garage there is a separate utility room has its own door but has to go through the garage.

My question is, Once I rent out the garage, should space in the utility room also included, and solely used by the tenant? It was not clear in Lease.

Thank you for your advise.

rental agreement lost

I know this is hard to believe, but a tenant who is moving cannot find our rental agreement, and I also can't find mine. I'm going to have to guess what she paid for her security deposit and go from there. She claiming it's more than what I think, so now what do you think is going to happen, and how would you handle this?

Tenant didn't pay the rent due to failed jacuzzi

After the tenant moved in, she found Jacuzzi didn't work. I asked multiple times for a time when I could get in to fix. She finally replied by saying she needs time to unpack and will let me know when.

However, it's been a while, she never get back to me. I just sent her a text again, she completely ignore my message.

This is very tricky tenant, I have strong feeling that she might use this as excuse to refuse to pay the rent.

My question, if it turns out the way as I thought, what should say or do? I could not fix, because she didn't response my request to get in.

Thanks for your advice.

Final walk through inspection

A tenant who is moving that's been a real PITA is wanting me to do a walk through final inspection. I'm reluctant to go because when I was there looking around last week she did nothing but whine & complain about the same old stuff. The things she has wanted done are cosmetic & I have not been able to have these things done, because the property manager I had never would send anyone over there. So, I get blamed for this, and she fails to understand I we both were ripped off by the property manager. I don't want to go over there & be yelled at again. Is it necessary I go? I would rather tell her by email where to leave the keys & go over there once she's completely moved out. I don't want to discuss with her what I plan to deduct from her security deposit, and I will refund whatever is left with how much time I given by law. I anticipate this woman dragging me into court, because she's the type that can never be pleased.

Pa. Holding tenants property .

After Judgment of possession and sheriff assist lock change.
How long do we have to store tenants property.

Rent control in California

Does anyone know what is going on with statewide rent control in California. I just heard something about if it's passed rents will be scaled back to what they were of March 2019. I just raised the rents, so I really don't now want to lower them. Sometimes I hear 2 or less units someone rents out will be exempt, then I hear if someone has 10 or less single family houses they will be exempt. I have a duplex & that's it, will I be exempt? It's not a newer one.