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How Harley took its tax cut, closed factory, rewarded shareholders

The motorcycle maker in January told Kansas City workers it would close a plant there. Days later, it announced a nearly $700 million stock buyback plan.

Everything investors got wrong about the Trump presidency

<p>Ever since President Trump came into office, investors thought they had the script figured out. The promise of deregulation, tax cuts, and fiscal stimulus would push the economy’s pedal to the metal, while Trump’s tough populist talk—and threats of new tariffs—would steer focus back onto U.S. stocks.</p>

Couple saved $1 million, became financially free before 40

Convenience drives American cuisine, and from her kitchen, Laura Barrett has put her own, more economical spin on the concept. Every couple of months, the stay-at-home mom spends two to three hours breading and frying chicken cutlets. It’s an upfront effort, yes, but one that makes life more convenient later on, as the family has a ready source of protein to build quick meals around for weeks to come. It’s also loads cheaper than buying takeout regularly.&nbsp;

10 reasons you should claim Social Security early

Learn why Social Security at 62 might not be a bad idea.

A tricky wrinkle in Trump's Medicare drug price plan

Consolidating all Medicare drug payments under Part D sounds easy, but some cancer patients fear they'll take a hit.

This tiny home is ready for outer space

The shape is inspired by a spacecraft, making this home truly out of this world. The post This Tiny Home Is Ready for Outer Space – House of the Week appeared first on Zillow Porchlight.

How to become financially comfortable

You definitely need a plan -- but even more important, you need to stick with it and follow through

Stocks struggle after China says cuts to auto tariffs coming

<p>Stocks struggled Tuesday after China said it will reduce levies on automakers and car parts.</p><p></p>

Amazon bans shoppers who make too many returns

Amazon cultivated an image as a customer-friendly company in part by making it easy for shoppers to send back items they don’t want. Then it started banning customers who return too many items.

15 signs you're being scammed

Here are scams identity thieves use to get your information.