disabled tenants

What does a LL do when a tenant becomes disable, can't work and can't pay the rent.

Landlord is selling

I am hoping for some advice. My husband and I are current renters and the house that we are renting is up for sale. The owner of the house is confirming showings for the house and then letting us know when they are. The showings are 24 hours in advance but shouldn't he have to be present to be able to say other people can come into the home? Its not a repair or maintenance. Its very frustrating when we have to work and we have a dog that will bite if an intruder comes into the home so we have to find somewhere for him to go on 24 hrs notice.


My tenant added a trampoline to the back yard of their rental. Should I be concerned? If yes, do I make them have an addendum to their rental insurance policy or mine?

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is T responsible for preventative maintenance?

T did not do preventative maintenance causing leaking. For example,
(1) bath spout was not re-caulking on time. Tenant filled up the water in Tub or kids playing water spreading water into Tub spout, constantly adding water to Ceiling of Power room under this bathroom. Finally, Ceiling Leaking happened
(2) Similar idea: This is SFH house. Is tenant responsible for Preventative Roof maintenance? Usually Preventative roof maintenance including cleaning, inspection, Gutter, roof vent pipes, etc.

How perform Rental Inspection

Should Professional Home Inspector be hired to perform this task? Or LL can just do visual house inspection?

If LL does this, what if Tenant argue on the items that LL thinks Tenant should do but Tenant disagree?

T has firearms

While LL screen T Candidates, should and can LL ask a question - if Candidates have firearms? What can LL do with T who has firearms?

I did not notice my Tenant has firearms while screening T candidates until 8 months after T moves in and until couple of violation notices sent to T.

Filthy tenant

Our tenant called us down the other day for some pipe issues. When we got down the apartment was filthy. The brand new oven/stove was completely black (inside and out), and 3 of the knobs were missing... There were open food containers, plates, and pots everywhere with old food, and tons of grease in the sink (from what I could see piled underneath stacks of dishes). The floor was sticky.. it was just awful. I would not be surprised if there were some bugs... if not now, there are going to be bugs soon.

I spoke to him about cleaning up and he said he was too tired from working too much. He also brought up needing a dish washer... I am just not willing to spend more on appliances for him when he does not take care of what he has.

The pipe issue ended up being from him smacking his cast iron pots too roughly into the PVC. I also found out that the knobs were missing from oven because they burnt out while he was drying his shoes in the oven...

The other day I ended up having to pick up used hygiene products off the street because he refuses to use the garbage pails and animals rip open his garbage bags, I texted him right after it happened but he didnt come back to pick it up himself.

I know I need to speak with him, but it seems like every time I do he has an excuse. They are also just very awkward conversations. Any advice on how to approach this would be helpful. He does pay monthly, but often late.

LPA Radio show??? Who knew?

I was in S. Florida and heard John on the radio. "Landlord's Corner" - Very nice. I enjoyed it, John!

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Appliance Damage


I rented a home to a lady and her children, that had brand new SS appliances. She was only there for 5 months. Upon vacating, there are several small dents in the bottom freezer door and a huge dent inside the actual dishwasher door. How do I do a fair deduction? Also, the carpet in one bedroom, I learned was covered in dog/human feces(which I don't know) Which explained the poop smell and I told that before learning of the condition of the carpet. She only did a very basic carpet clean (per the carpet cleaning company) I will be selling this home, can I charge her for the replacement of that carpet in that one room? She paid a nonrefundable PET FEE, but no deposit. This is my first and LAST time renting a home out.