Tenant to Tenant altercation (non injury)

As a landlord what to do? I have two tenant to got into a altercation.

The following information is on the police report. They were in front of the building and were speaking very load to each other. Tenant 1 said to the police that the other push them and said "you push me." Tenant 1 said Tenant 2 then said 'you were attacking me'.

When the police came out Tenant 2 said "I wish to remain silent"

There is no history any thing violent from either of these two, so I want to just let the matter drop with a warning to both. But Tenant 1 is demanding I do something about it saying it is assault.

So my questions is how likely is there going to be a arrest or conviction on this? My thinking is that if there is no further action from the police (arrest or conviction) then there is nothing further need but if there is an arrest or conviction coming I need to have a plan.

Roommate threatening to sue

A roommate of mines moved out a month ago. She claims that we owe her money for a bill but we had already paid our portions for and she added on a cost. We asked for verification of the add ons, however she hasnt given any verification and declines to. Keep in mind that she also owes us for bills (dated of when she still lived on the property, we have given her proof and she fails to pay) she is now threatening to send us to small claims. Any advice on what we should do?

Advertisements / Rental Application

I currently advertise my rentals on CraigsList and Facebook Marketplace. Is there a free website that I would also use so that people can be able to download the rental application digitally?
I currently email it to them, but I'm trying to streamline the process.

Restaurant Equipment stolen

Leased a turnkey restaurant. Less than a year had to issue eviction papers for non payment of rent. They left on a Sunday taking everything that was in the building. All tables, chairs, booths, stove, grill, freezers, slicer, fridges and everything small too such as pots and pans.
They claim they purchased it from the previous tenant....she claims she purchased it from previous tenant. Took all three to court. Only two could be found and served. They had a made up bill of sale. The judge ruled in their favor stating they had bought it all in good faith.

Habitual late rent

Tenant moved in 10-2017 has never paid rent on the 1st. Always on the 3rd, except for January 2018 which I filed a 3 day notice. Tenant stats he will pay on the 3rd every month not the 1st for me to "Just get used to it"
I have tried politely explain it is due on the 1st, says yes but not late until the 4th. My other 6 tenants understand rent is due on the 1st and pay accordingly except for the rare occasion.

CA- Selling condo with tenants on month to month

What are the rules for giving tenants notice of intent to sell a condo in which they are living? They have been tenants for over 4 years but on a month to month lease since 8-2016. We used a CA Realtors lease originally, and once we went month to month, we used a form from a CA landlord handbook that notified them the lease will be month to month and we accepted rent, so that means it went month to month, as confirmed by our form we sent them and signed. The language on the original lease is confusing, and makes it sound like we need to give them 120 days notice. Can anyone help?

What is a "reasonable" subtenant?

My tenant wants to break their lease to move in with friends for less rent.

I believe Chicago tenant lawys says I must accept a reasonable subtenant. This tenant has 720+ credit and 6X income/rent ratio. So I told him I will consider anyone with those numbers.

He is now putting pressure on me to accept someone with no credit history ( Irish citizen ) and has 5X income/rent ratio. Is this a "reasonable" subtenant?


I'm very new to the LL world and currently own three rental properties.

Where is the best place (financial institution) to go for loans/mortgages for investment properties?

How does option to buy works?

Looking to be creative in down sizing my profolio in this poor real estate market in Eastern NC. Please any suggestions on drawing the contract? How much % what owner finanching rates? and what year terms? Are layer to write the contract needed? Please advise


I was taking appointments for viewing and applications starting a specific day. One inquiry insists that they can only view the day before at a certain time. I do state on the ad the application start date. I don't want to lose a prospect so I'm going to show early for this person but I guess I'm not going to accept the application until after the others got a chance as they were already scheduled?